Objective 1.2 – Determine procedures to install Horizon components

  1. Prepare horizon composer database and connectivity i.e. ODBC
    • You must create a database and data source name (DSN) to store View Composer data.
    • View Composer does not come with a database natively therefore you must install one.
    • Database can be local or remote.
    • View Composer database stores information about connections and components used by View composer
      1. vCenter Connections
      2. AD Connections
      3. Replicas created by View Composer
      4. Linked-clone desktops that are deployed via View Composer
    • After creating a View Composer database you must configure an ODBC connection, this makes the data source visible to the View Composer service.
    • If the database resides locally on the View Composer server then you can use Integrated Windows Authentication. If the database is remote then you cannot use this method of authentication.
  2. Determine required firewall rules
    1. TCP Ports for View Connection Server:
View DesktopConnection Server4001JMS
Replica Connection ServersConnection Server4100JMSIR
Admin BrowserConnection Server80HTTP
Admin BrowserConnection Server443HTTPS
Client 1Connection Server4172PCoIP
(TCP and UDP)
Client 2Connection Server443HTTPS
Connection Server 1View Desktop Subnet4172PCoIP
Connection Server 2View Desktop Subnet3389RDP
Connection ServerVirtual Center Server443HTTPS
Connection ServerVirtual Center Server80HTTP
Connection ServerVirtual Center Server
(View Composer)
  • TCP Ports for View Security Server:
Client 1Security Server4172PCoIP
(TCP and UDP)
Security Server1View Desktop Subnet4172PCoIP
(TCP and UDP)
Security ServerView Desktop Subnet3389RDP
Security ServerView Desktop9427MMR
Security ServerConnection Server8009AJP13
Security ServerConnection Server4001JMS
Security ServerConnection Server4002JMS
Security ServerConnection Server500IPSec (UDP)
Security ServerConnection Server4500NAT-T ISAKMP (UDP)
Connection ServerSecurity Server500IPSec (UDP)
Connection ServerSecurity Server4500NAT-T ISAKMP (UDP)
Security ServerConnection Server ESP (IP Protocol 50)
  • TCP Ports for View Agent:
ClientView Desktop3389RDP
Connection Server2View Desktop3389RDP
ClientView Desktop4172PCoIP(TCP and UDP)
Connection Server1View Desktop4172PCoIP(TCP and UDP)
Security Server1View Desktop4172PCoIP(TCP and UDP)
ClientView Desktop32111USB Redirection
ClientView Desktop
(Physical Only)
42966HP RGS
ClientView Desktop9427MMR
View DesktopConnection Server4001JMS
View DesktopConnection Server4002JMS
  • Explain functionality and dependencies, also configure and deploy:
    • Horizon Connection Server
      • You must install at least one instance of View Connection Server
      • You must join the View Connection Server to an Active Directory domain. (Must not be a Domain Controller).
      • Do Not install View Connection Server on systems that have Windows Terminal Server installed.
      • Do not install on a server that is already performing a role such as vCenter
      • You must give the server in which you install View Connection Server a static IP address.
      • Installer requires a domain user with admin privileges
      • When you backup your View Connection Server, the LDAP configuration is exported as encrypted LDIF data. To restore the encrypted backup you must provide the data recovery password.
    • Composer
      • View Composer is used to create and deploy linked-clone desktops in vCenter Server.
      • Is installed on a Windows server. Cannot be co-hosted on the same server as other View software such as Replica Server, Security Server, Connection Server etc.
      • DSN must be configured before Installing.
    • Access Point
      • Access points are now Unified Access Gateways or UAGs for short. These are a replacement for security servers.
      • Access Points/UAGs are usually deployed as Virtual appliances and have the following requirements:
        • Virtual appliance download size is 2.5 GB
        • Thin-provisioned disk minimum 2.5 GB
        • Thick-provisoned disk minimum 20 GB
        • Requires a static IP
        • IP address of DNS Server
        • Password for the root user
        • The URL of the server instance Load Balancer that the UAG points to.
    • Enrollment Server
      • To install the Enrollment Server run the Connection Server install and select the Horizon 7 Enrollment server option.
      • Enrollment server cannot be installed on the same host as the View Connection Manager.
      • VMwares recommendation is that you have two Enrollment servers for load balancing and failover.
      • Requires a Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows Server 2012 R2 VM with at least 4GB of memory.

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