VCP-DTM Study Guide

This is my study notes that I put together while studying for the VCP-DTM exam. I thought I’d put them out there so people can use them for their own studying. I hope you find them useful.

If there is anything I’ve missed or would be good to include just let me know and I’ll update the list. Good luck with the studying and ultimately the VCP-DTM exam!

Blueprint for the exam can be found here

Section 1 – Install and Configure Horizon Server Components

Objective 1.1 – Describe techniques to prepare environment for Horizon

Objective 1.2 – Determine procedures to install Horizon Components

Objective 1.3 – Determine steps to configure Horizon Components

Objective 1.4 – Analyze End User Requirements for Display Protocol Performance

Objective 1.5 – Diagnose and solve issues related to connectivity between Horizon server Components

Section 2 – Create and Configure Pools Objective

 2.1 – Configure and Manage Horizon Pools Objective

2.2 – Build and Customize RDSH Server and Desktop Images

Section 3 – *Section 3 has been removed from this exam

Section 4 – Configure and Manage Identity Manager Objective

4.1 – Install and Configure VMware Identity Manager Objective

4.2 – Manage VMware Identity Manager Section

5 – Configure and Manage User Environment Manager Objective

5.1 – Install and Configure VMware User Environment Manager Objective

5.2 – Manage VMware User Environment Manager Section

6 – Configure and Manage App Volumes Objective

6.1 – Install and Configure VMware App Volumes Objective

6.2 – Manage VMware AppStacks and writeable Volumes Section

7 – Configure vRealize Operations for Horizon Objective

7.1 – Install and Configure the adapter instance and Horizon Broker Agent


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